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Not having enough time to do the things you want to do is the most common challenge quoted among entrepreneurs. And having been successfully running our own busy businesses for over 10 years, we have faced this challenge ourselves.

When the global pandemic started in March of 2020, we kept ourselves distracted from the whole madness by discussing ideas, books we have read and inspirational quotes. And it became clear that in all of the most respected work by self-development authors such as Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard, David Goggins, Rob Moore and Jim Rohn, to name but a few, the single most repeated theme is recognising the importance of how time is used. Much of the older advice recommends keeping a time log on paper to help one find out where the time goes. And this sparked the idea of transforming decades of wisdom into a 21st century, usable mobile app : MasterTime.

A year later, after countless hours of discussions and improvements, we had the app ready and we started using it in our own lives. Patterns of time wasted immediately emerged, which each of us addressed. And as a result our lives changed. Positive results started to show in our work, health, finances, family, with friends and many other areas of life. Suddenly there was time for everything important!

MasterTime app enables you to define a clear vision for your life, and helps you invest your time in activities which support achieving your vision and goals. It is the perfect tool for anyone who wishes to take back control of their life.

Our mission is to help you live life to the fullest by investing your most valuable asset, your time, wisely!

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Simeon Lazarov


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Vladimir Todorov