Do You Waste Your Money Hiring a Life Coach?

Is hiring a life coach a waste of time and money? Working with a coach has changed many people’s lives, but the positive result depends both on the professional himself and you. Finding the right coach is like finding a good doctor – when you don’t feel well, you want

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How to Use Time Management to Beat Anxiety and Depression?

Anxiety and depression are two of the most common mental health issues we experience today. The rates of these disorders have skyrocketed in the last two years. The World Health Organisation estimates that 3.8% of the global population is affected by depression. Mental health and time management have a cyclical

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7 Strategies to help you use your time wisely and live better

When we talk about time management, most people imagine calendars, plans, schedules, and other similar tools for organisation and productivity. We at Master Time believe that they are undoubtedly helpful, but they also can be absolutely pointless without having the right attitude. The truth is that we all have the

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Here Is Why To Take a Real Break This Christmas

So you think there’s no need for someone to tell you how to rest at the end of the year? You are right, of course, but we still want to remind you that: The ongoing anxiety about the workload that’s about to hit you in January is not a break;

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live life to the fullest

How to Live a Fulfiling Life?

Everyone wants to live a fulfilling life, but few know how to achieve it. We’ve reached a point where the day-to-day tasks are pretty stressful and challenging, demanding more and more of our time and attention, leaving us tired and with little to no satisfaction with our experience on this

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