9 Ways to Have a Fantastic Vacation and Increase Your Personal Growth

In his book ‘Time and How to Spend It’, the best-selling British author James Wallman claims there are basically three different ways you can approach your vacation: “Fly and Flop”, “Find and Seek”, or “Go and Become’. With Fly and Flop, you just book a hotel at a resort and lounge all day, Find and Seek includes more active recreational activities, while Go and Become is all about self-improvement. Our tips today are taking the best of the three approaches and giving you some ideas for a well-balanced holiday that will send you back into your day-to-day rested and energised.

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Travelling gives us a fresh outlook on life, so no surprise it’s one of the most common vacation activities.

Go On An Adventure

There is something special about leaving the town that helps you shake off the routine and get out of your head. Whether you’re exploring a new part of the world, returning to a favourite place, or going somewhere nearby for a day or two, taking a trip works wonders for your well-being. However, when poorly planned, the adventure can cause unnecessary stress instead of reducing it. If you plan a trip, be careful not to overcrowd your schedule. I know there are a million things you want to do, but you have to prioritise. Leave empty spots in your program so you can relax and leave some time for spontaneity. 

Many people are busy before their vacation because they want to hand over their work to colleagues, complete a project, etc. If you are very busy before the holidays, do not hesitate to hire a tourist agency and let them do the planning for you. To minimise your travel time, you can try to plan your vacation time around a business trip. Reducing the number of days you have to fly can give you extra time to recover from the hard road. Also, if you go home on Monday, take a day off on Tuesday to recover from the jet lag while doing small household chores such as laundry or unpacking your vacation luggage.

A vacation at home is a wonderful way to recharge your batteries doing the things you love.

…Or Stay Home

Sometimes it’s totally OK not to want to go anywhere during your summer holiday. Some people often travel for work or come home late and inevitably feel they are passing through the house – spending enough time to sleep and putting on clean clothes. If you are one of them and the idea of ​​another trip terrifies you – do not force yourself! Do what will best charge your batteries – relax, garden, and finish the DIY pot holder you’ve put off for ages. Your vacation is also a great time to declutter the house and donate clothes, shoes, or equipment you’re not using. This way, you’ll get back to your everyday routine with a tidy house and a clean head while feeling good that you’ve helped someone in need.

However, we advise you not to lock yourself entirely at home. Use the opportunity for a walk in the nearby park, make a short hike in a beautiful area nearby, or visit your favourite restaurant. This way, you will be able to distribute the time between spending some time at home and the physical rest you need. You still will escape from the routine, which is one of the goals of a good holiday.

Working out during your days off doesn’t have to be dull.

Be Active to Stay in Shape

Although holidays are meant for recreation, that doesn’t mean completely stopping taking care of your physical health! Many people make the mistake of spending their entire vacation on a sun bed, often combined with overeating and over-drinking. You will not only come back in worse shape, but your tonus will also decrease, making the whole holiday pointless. 

So, instead of returning to your routine rested and energetic, you should deal with the consequences of the inactive vacation. If you’ve booked a hotel, you can always spend a few hours in their gym. Or, if you choose to visit a new city, take advantage of your free time and go sightseeing on a bike or walking, instead of using a taxi or the subway.

Allow yourself to grow and get better this summer.

Dedicate Your Time to Self Improvement

If you are putting your focus and efforts into achieving your life vision, you probably put your work and your loved ones first in your everyday life, which is totally fine. However, your paid vacation is designed to take some time for YOU, including improving yourself. It’s a good idea to put at least a few paid days off to good use. Catch up on your reading list, take a class, or attend a workshop to hone your skills. It might not seem like it, but investing time and efforts in self-improvement activities helps us grow and feel more energised and motivated. Is there anything better than returning well-rested, more skilful, and full of new ideas?

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Taking up a creative class can be very relaxing. It also helps develop our fine motor skills, our brain and gives a new way to express ourselves.

Satisfy Your Craving for Creativity and Culture

Most working adults struggle to spare enough time for concerts, art festivals, and hobby workshops. Take advantage of your off-duty time to revive a creative interest, listen to a favourite band, or take up a new hobby. Even if you’re staying in town, you can check the local galleries, museums and concert venues for exciting events you can visit. 

Before your break, put together an events calendar. Don’t overschedule but try to plan some creative time each day, even if it’s just cooking a whole meal from scratch. However, remember that this is for you: If you feel like going for an evening run instead of visiting the theatre, go for it. It’s important to give yourself time to play but still be flexible and not stress over strict scheduling.

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When was the last time you could spend a whole day with a close friend?

Spend Time with Your Friends and Family

Whether you’re going away from home or having a staycation, use it as a chance to spend some time with your loved ones. Not only does it strengthen your relationships, but cooking a meal or taking a hike together with your loved ones relieves stress and nurtures healthy habits. However, make sure to dedicate an afternoon or two just for yourself. Whether listening to your favourite music or reading a book, psychologists have found that alone time reboots your brain, improves concentration, facilitates deep thinking, and aids problem-solving. Even those who define themselves as extroverts need to spend quality time alone.

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Don’t forget to spare some time to reflect and plan the rest of your year.

Take Time to Reflect

It may not sound like it, but the holidays are one of the best times to take stock of the past months. You can do this whether travelling to a distant exotic destination or staying in the peace of your own home. It’s summer, you’ve halved the year, and you’re free from work. Now you have enough time to take out the New Year’s resolutions list and see what you have achieved and what remains to be done. Reflect calmly on the past few months, consider how they fit into your life vision and put together a plan for the rest of the year.

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Trust us, crossing a thing or two off your to-do list before your vacation will make it the best you’ve ever had!

Get on Top of Your To-do List

Tasks that remain unfinished for weeks can cause stress and spoil the mood for the entire vacation. Instead of resting, you are thinking about them. If you have unfinished tasks that itch your brain, spare 1 or 2 days, preferably at the beginning of your vacation, to cross them off your list and be at ease. You don’t have to spend the whole holiday on this – there should still be time for adventures and recreation, but at least you’ll have tackled all those things you know won’t give you peace.

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You have the best tool in your pocket to plan your vacation with ease , so don’t forget to use it!

Master Your Time With Ease

Making sure you have enough time for everything on your list without feeling anxious and overwhelmed takes some extra work. As you can see, to take the best of your holiday you need to plan ahead. Luckily, if you have installed the MasterTime app, you already have the perfect tool in your pocket! Set your holiday goals, and make sure to prioritise what would really set you for the best possible vacation for your needs!