Want to Become a Better Leader? Encourage your Employees to Grow.

In our time – the time of The Great Resignation, it has been proven that people no longer stay in the company just because of the salary. Many other factors make employees keep a job: the awareness that what they do is significant, that they are valued, and last but not least – that a good leader is heading the team. People spend ⅓ of their day at work with their colleagues and managers. A good leader tries to make this one-third beneficial for management, office workers, and even the cleaners – basically for everyone involved in their company in one way or another. By improving the environment, the leader helps develop the business and hence – the profits. If we have to be cynical – happy employees, more money, a prosperous company. 

But let’s leave the profits aside for a moment – employees are a valuable resource and investment in the future, even after they leave you. If your business is part of your life vision, you are lucky! But let’s be honest – you can’t expect everyone on your team to share your dream. Many of these people are with you because of the working conditions or the money and one day will probably leave to pursue their goals and vision. There is nothing wrong with that – on the contrary! While they are with you, try to be the best leader they have ever had, and it will pay off. If you encourage them to develop their potential and work not only on the tasks but also on their own potential, then you get like-minded peers for life! Who knows, maybe today’s employee will be an irreplaceable and trusted partner tomorrow! Or, as Jim Rohn once said: “What you become is far more important than what you get. What you get will be influenced by what you become.”

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Here are a few things you can do to become a great leader and help your employees grow:

Finding what motivates your employees is a key to new opportunities – for you and for them.

Find Out What Motivates Your Team Members

Do you know what makes your employees get up every morning? What are your team members passionate about – their interests, aspirations, and goals? To put it another way, do you really know your people? You can’t expect them to be fierce in their work for the company if you don’t know what inspires them and how to keep them going. A great leader is interested in their team members’ aspirations in order to improve their relationships and motivate them in the best possible way. Unlike a mere manager, a leader looks into the future to create opportunities for learning and development for their employees. Communication and relationships are crucial for every company. To become a great leader, you need to discuss your people’s desires and aspirations. It’s also your duty to pass on to your team that you will encourage learning and growth in every way you can.

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Meaning and purpose give boost to the teamwork in your company and keep your people happy.

Co-create Meaningful Work

Many managers fail to understand that people may get on board because of the salary and perks but stay only if they find purpose and meaning in their work. Wharton professor Adam Grant, the author of the book Give and Take, says that “employees who know how their work has a meaningful, positive impact on others are not just happier than those who don’t; they are vastly more productive, too“. Leaders focus not only on statistics and figures; they find a way to show their teams that their efforts make a difference for the company’s customers and society. So, if you want to create a great working environment, boost performance, and become a leader, you have to be able to show your team that every task, no matter how mundane, has purpose and meaning.

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Encourage your people to learn – it’s good for them and for your company!

Help Your Employees Learn New Skills

A lot of companies provide safety or technical training and stop there. And although such programs are undoubtedly necessary to keep the personnel and the company compliant, a manager should know this is not enough to keep their people happy or engaged. A good leader is genuinely invested in giving employees meaningful new knowledge and skills. So, if you know your employees well and know what motivates them, make sure they develop skills that can boost their natural strengths. Show your confidence in your team, and prepare them for their future, whether with your company or another. A good leader is not afraid to show they serve and value their team, both as people and workers. 

It’s your responsibility to make sure your team has everything they need to perform exceptionally well!

Provide the Resources and Tools your Employees Need to Grow 

When did you last ask someone in your team: What do you need to do your job better? It’s a simple question, but many managers forget to ask it. You may be surprised at the answer: it could be that they need new equipment or access to more information to make better decisions. Good managers act on what they find, and that’s a game-changer for their people and the company. However, leaders go even further – they make an effort to know their people and make sure they have the means to do not only their work but also – their life better. A great leader goes even further and encourages their people’s growth, not only their productivity. 

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Encourage your team to improve their time management skills to achieve their goals at their own pace.

As we said before, good time management is a key to achieving both personal and professional goals. So, if you fail to teach your team the importance of this skill, you fail as a manager. Even if you give your employees the newest equipment and the best office, that could prove insufficient to help them do exceptionally well – which should be the ultimate goal of any leader. There are many time management techniques you can encourage your employees to use. However, the MasterTime app is a great tool that will help you and your team get the maximum of your day and prepare for a better future, so why don’t you give it a try?